New Athlon 300+ 64 & Abit NF8 MB stopped booting

This is driving me crazy! I decided to upgrade my PC. I  installed a combo consisting of Athlon 300+ and Abit MB NF8-v2, with PC3200 memory.  At first it would not start. The fans would jerk when power was applied and the red LED on MB would light. Sometimes the fans would turn briefly (less than 1/2 second) when the power button was pressed. I tried replacing the PSU, the memory, the MB, and finally the CPU replacing the white thermal goo with Artic Silver. When I replaced the CPU the PC worked for a day, but when I shut it down to replace a case fan with a quieter one, the condition returned! It won't start, only the fans jerk when power is applied! What is going on here, please?!
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Irwin SantosComputer Integration SpecialistCommented:
remove all the case connecting wires exept the POWER...  does it work then?

If not, disconnect your hardrive & cd/dvd rom cables to the primary & secondary IDE channels... does it work then?

If not, reseat EVERYTHING in your system... only connect the POWER case cable to the power switch.

One more thing..any audible beep tones?

Report back your results.
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
hi there

it seems ur having multiple problems, but first of try to isolate the problems one by one. first try to check ur system with only the power unit connected to the mother board without the processore. see if the light on the motherboard is green. it should be green if its orange or a red check the motherboard specifications for that. then connect the processor and see for the status of the motherboard light. then proceed with the memory modules try to insert one memory stick first and check the status then place the second memory stick. then the hard drive and so on.

what i understand is that one of my friend had the same issue and that was sorted out with the replacement of the power unit. so check if the replacement of the power unit works. pls revert back when u try this

thank you

Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:

I have run into this problem many of times at work and the issue here if its identical to mine is the Power Supply. It is not giving off enough power to the peripherals in the system. what type of power supply do you have and also what is the watts for the power supply?
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PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Well, did as suggested. I stripped the PC down to just the MB and the CPU, one component at a time. The behavior remained the same at all times and configurations. Then I changed PSU, and the only difference was the fans turned for a little longer before stopping (about 1 second as opposed to 1/2 second). I then took the CPU out and the behavior was the same (fans turned for 1 second). I placed the CPU on another identical MB (same PSU), and the behavior was same. I'm wondering if I fried the CPU. If so, why would it have stopped working the way it did (shutdown OK, refused to start again)? Wouldn't it have shutdown completely and abruptly? Also, if I'm using Artic Silver and little of it, why would the CPU fry? Also, Looking at it, the CPU LOOKS OK. I just don't get it.
PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Forgot tho mention: The power supplies are: old one was 600w formerly used for a dual Xeon machine
and the new one is a Enermax 535wa brand new out of box.
make sure your motherboard isn't being shorted out by the case standoffs! check to make sure the motherboard isn't touching any part of the case other than through the standoffs.

check your power supply connections, i had the same problem, but as it turned out the floppy power connector was slightly unplugged. messed up the entire boot.
Naga Bhanu Kiran KotaCommented:
hi there

pls try to check the exact specifications for the cpu and also the motherboard ur trying to connect with that of the psu. because the issue seems to be more like the psu. if possible try to check the cpu with a different psu.

it should be more are less the issue with the psu. unless u dont set the clock rating to high or the there is some abnormal surge in power the cpu does not go bad so should be the psu. so pls try to check the cpu on a differnt supporting motherboard with a specified psu.

should work'


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PCGenieLAAuthor Commented:
Well, after much tinkering, I'm left with the conclusion that the motherboard is bad. I substituted in another AMD Sempron  3000+ and the combo ran OK for a day. Then I left it and came back the next morning.  The power led on the board was on but otherwise it was off (no video, no CPU fan) When I tried to turn it back on, the same old behavior began again( CPU fan jerks but doesn't boot or start). I then left the board unplugged for a couple of days, and tried again. So far it is now working fine---with just one exception. The LAN module doesn't work. Its LED lights as yellow, but it does not show up in the SELF test  and the OS doesn't detect it. Funky board, no?

Thanks to all for their suggestions.

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