speakers not working-going crazy

i got new speakers and was tryign to set it up fro my win 2k prof desktop. and somehow it doenst work. its really driving me crazy. i installed the drivers also. i am not sure whether the one i installed was correct or not.

i used headphone and mike... which also doenst work:-( initially i never had any problem. these are some new simple speakers i got. also i test these speakers and headphone-mike on other machine... they both work. how can i troubleshoot this

also maybe my sound card is not workign ... actually its pretty strange as it had been workign fine. but cud it be possible that the sound card got shaken when i opened my HD.? how can i know that? how to know where is my sound card? will i get any error if my sound card is not working?

pls suggest thanks
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Hi samir25,

Right Click My Computer > Click Manage > Select Device Manager>

You should see a list with a title called sound video and games controllers.

You should find your sound card in this sub list - However you may have a sublist called Unkown Devices - this will be recognised by a yellow ? mark - if you have an audio controller in this list it would indicate that the card has not been detected or has a problem with the driver.

samir25Author Commented:
thanks for the reply
i checked what u mentioned, only at one place Multifunction Device i have exclamation mark and is yellow... i tried to reinstall its driver and it ask for the cd. so i think this is not related to speakers.. looks for some games etc..

any other suggestion?

so it means my sound card is installed and is functioning?

there is a lot of hardware out there that has many devices built in to the motherboard.

Do you have a sound card built in to the motherboard or is it an expansion card in the pci slot.

if its built in it is unlikely to have come loose - if it is a card it is always just making sure it is inserted firmly.

There is no good reason for your sound card to stop working just by changing the speakers.

You could look in your multimeda settign in control panel and make sure that the default device for audio is set to your sound card.

Check volume settings make sure nothing is muted and it is all turned up.
check the silly things like the port your speakers are plugged in etc...

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samir25Author Commented:
You could look in your multimeda settign in control panel and make sure that the default device for audio is set to your sound card.

reg above...
i checked the control panel
i foiund 3 options
1. sound playback - which is set to advance sound
2. sound recording - set to advance sound
3. midi music plyaback set to microsoft gs wavetable SW synth

what do i need to check
you have accepted the answer above - does that mean you have fix this problem in between posts
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