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rhg1 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
anybody using CDEX?
Installed the lastest version of CDEX and LAME. Followed directions for setup
here http://www.free-codecs.com/guides/CD_Ripping_Encoding_Guide.htm
I ripped a song from a cd and I could navigate to it and play it. On the interface there are controls for playing a track so that you don't have to go to a media player just to check what a track is before ripping. Can't get this"player" to work, to play tracks about to be ripped or a ripped track. I have to go to a media player to do this.
Besides the play contols on the interface, you can go Tools > Media file Player which gives a little interface that replicates the controls. No luck there either. On that little interface it says "no file selected"  but there is nowhere that I can find to select a file.

Selecting a file on the track list on the main interface first, bears no fruit but the tme counter at the bottom starts ticking over as if it is playing but no sound. ( sound is on. if I navigate to the ripped track i can play it in Windows media player.)
Help please

 Just found a tick box in the settings "DIGITAL CDPLAYBACK" so thats got the CD playing but how to test a ripped track and the seperate little interface is still a mystery
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Reid PalmeiraTelecom Engineer
Top Expert 2005

It's not free but you might want to consider moving to a different piece of software like Easy CD-DA Extractor. http://www.poikosoft.com/


I'm sure there are more user friendly apps but reading around, CDEX appears to be top notch in terms of quality encoding - if ya want top quality mp3's - and it's free
Reid PalmeiraTelecom Engineer
Top Expert 2005

the quality of the encoding is based on the encoding library used. LAME is pretty good, but there are other apps that use LAME, even free ones, that are simpler to use if you're not

also consider http://www.mp3-converter.com/cdda_xtractor.htm
personally i have used cdex to backup and rip songs to my computer for years and i think its clearly the best program. I personally rip my music to a folder using cdex then open it using winamp! ive never in all my time using cdex used it too listen to the music file!

Hello there!

the solution is simple, but you need to know: the "player" isn't a real player, but it uses winamp plugins to play files. now, the problem is that the can't include the winamp plugin for cd plugin (legal reasons, probably).


1) Navigate to CDex install dir.
2)Then to Plugins\

3) Get the winamp plugin by installing winamp and pulling the in_cd.dll from your winamp\plugins\ folder to the Cdex plugin folder *OR*
4) write me an email (profile) and i'll send you the dll. (if you hate winamp and don't want to install it.)

Let me know if it worked.

Btw: if you want top quality mp3s not using up to much space: consider my settings, which use higher quality than most rippers (itunes, etc):
--alt-preset medium -h --vbr-new -



how to put your setting --alt-preset medium -h --vbr-new -  in?
It is not on the droplist and there is no "custom" so that I can put it in.
 Version is 1.51 - preume this is the latest.

Yes pls send winamp dll - will email
thank you,
Okay, i sent you the plugins, mp3 definitly works, .ogg too, but the mp4 (for .m4a files ripped with iTunes and .aac files) doesn't work. Maybe because of the copy protection of the plugin.

For the settings: I just checked my recommendations on the internet and it seems that --vbr-new and -h are pretty much used everywhere, but as always, if you're into it, you can view up all the switches here: http://lame.sourceforge.net/doc/html/ and here http://lame.sourceforge.net/USAGE
and choose the settings that are best for you. (Because mine are not *the* best ones for every purpose, as it is with all things)

To set the switches: Go to the configure dialog, and choose "External encoder". The version of the mp3 encoder (lame_enc.dll) is from 2003, but the latest official stable version of lame is 3.96.1 from July 2004 (http://lame.sourceforge.net/), so i sent you that dll & exe also. Now, you browse to the lame.exe i sent you, and enter the following in the fields:

 --alt-preset medium -h --vbr-new - %2          (dont forget the - as it enabled encoding on the fly)
Hide DOS box window (if you want)
Enable on the fly encoding : Checked
Send WAV header: Checked

If you'd like track info tags or such, use the inputs here:

ID3 tagging:

--tt <title>    audio/song title (max 30 chars for version 1 tag)
--ta <artist>   audio/song artist (max 30 chars for version 1 tag)
--tl <album>    audio/song album (max 30 chars for version 1 tag)
--ty <year>     audio/song year of issue (1 to 9999)
--tc <comment>  user-defined text (max 30 chars for v1 tag, 28 for v1.1)
--tn <track>    audio/song track number (1 to 255, creates v1.1 tag)
--tg <genre>    audio/song genre (name or number in list)
--add-id3v2     force addition of version 2 tag
--id3v1-only    add only a version 1 tag
--id3v2-only    add only a version 2 tag
--space-id3v1   pad version 1 tag with spaces instead of nulls
--pad-id3v2     pad version 2 tag with extra 128 bytes

combined with the variables from Cdex (see also help reference below):

%a = Artist name
%b = Album name
%t = Track name
%g = Genre string
%y = Year
%tn = Track Number (with leading zero)
%tt = Total number of tracks (with leading zero)


 --alt-preset medium -h --vbr-new --ta %a --tl %b --tt %t --tg %g --ty %y --tn %tn --ad-id3v2 --tc "Ripped with CDex" - %2

I just read through your first post and saw that you use windows media player. If you ever need another player:

Foobar2000 (simple and small, plays allmost all formats AND has supports a lot of encoders to encode files) www.foobar2000.org

Winamp (is freeware and small, but is getting more bloated with every release because AOL bought the company) www.winamp.com
Media Player Classic (a player without the bloat of Windows Media Player, plays all files, also video nativly (that is without the codecs!)) http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/

Greetings and hopefully i could help!

Here is the text from the Cdex help file for your reference:

"Browse button:

If you have such an encoder, you first have to specify the path where the encoder is located. To specify the encoder path, select the Browse button; a file selection window will appear. Go to the directory where the external encoder is located, and select the executable or batch file that will call the external encoder, and of course select the OK button. Once completed, the full filename path is displayed in the Encoder Path box.

Parameter String (default: %1 %2 -br %3

The parameter string determines the options that are passed into the external encoder. CDex has a few pre-defined placeholders, which will be substituted with the correct parameter value right before the encoder is executed. The following placeholders are available:

%1 = input filename
            %2 = output filename
            %3 = bit rate in bits/sec
            %4 = bit rate in Kbits/sec
            %a = Artist name
            %b = Album name
            %t = Track name
            %g = Genre string
            %y = Year
            %tn = Track Number (with leading zero)
            %tt = Total number of tracks (with leading zero)

So for example, the parameter string could be like:

%1 %2 -br %3"

This will expand (for example) to:

inputfile.wav outputfile.mp3 -br 1280000

On The Fly encoding):

As of CDex beta 9, there is an option to use on-the-fly encoding (thanks to Egor Duda). If the "On The Fly" option is enabled, CDex does not generate a file, but outputs the stream data (raw audio data, 16 bit 44100 Hz  2 channels, without a WAV header) to a pipe.  In order to use this option, your external encoder should have an option to accept data coming from  the standard input stream. So, for example, to use LAME as an external encoder, you should use the following  parameter string:

-v -V4 -ms -b%4 -x - %2 (note from Jere997: this is for the old old old version of lame)

This "-" before the %2 specifies that standard input stream will be used.

Send WAV header to stdin):When this option as well as the on-the-fly encoding is enabled (i.e., so that the encoder  will get its data through the stdin pipe), CDex will send a RIFF-WAV header before it  sends the raw WAV data stream to the encoder, so that the encoder can figure out the  properties of the RAW data stream. If this option is disabled, CDex will only  send the RAW data stream."

Not the solution you were looking for? Getting a personalized solution is easy.

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I forgot about this post. i solved the problem by clicking on something in the options I think but then later made it use win media player later as default.

But there is a lot of good info in the responses. i don't know what to do with all this in terms of finishing it up, the points etc?
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