Configuring SBS 2003

I have recently purchased a HP server with SBS2003 pre installed.
I tried setting it up uisng the setup wizards and using only one NIC. I let the wizard detect all network info and found that I could get internet working but was unable to get the client pcs to connect to the server. I was then told it would be better to use 2 NICS.
Since then I have tried with 2 NICS but am lost with all the networking addresses , etc . Coudl somebody pls tell me the best way to start again. The follg is the equipment I have

ADSL Modem to connect to my ISP which provides me a static IP
Wireless Router ( at present the router connects to the internet and logs in using its own client)
a switch
3 client pcs
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Hi dlg,
is your server configured as a domain controller with dns and dhcp configured.

It should not matter whether you have one interface or two interfaces in your server as long as your server and clients are in the same subnet they shoudl be able to connect.

based on the size of your network you should be ok with a class c network range ie

this will give you a useable ip range of to

all machines should have a subnet of
and the gateway should be the ipaddress of the router.

It may be that your router does not use the same address range i have described above but i suspect it will be something similar.

if you can confirm those details and you are still having problems - let is know the ip config of your router and i am sure we can help further.

dlgAuthor Commented:
Hi Zadkin,
My routers ip address is
initially i had let my router be domain controller when i used 1 nic.
is it better to have one nic or two nics ?

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It is better (safer) but more complex (error prone) to have two NIC.

'initially i had let my router be domain controller when i used 1 nic'  
I guess this means a DHCP server is used to deliver IP adresses and network parameters to the client PCs.  The router was originally the DHCP server but now the SBS has the DHCP server role.  
That's fine as it helps configure all the PCs correctly without individual reconfiguration.

Is there already a firewall and is it enabled?
In a Modem - Wireless Router - LAN     configuration the router acts as the firewall.
In a Modem - Wireless Router - SBS - Switch - LAN   configuration the SBS works also as a second firewall, but the wireless clients are set outside.  If you distrust the wireless clients as much as a client somewhere on the internet that's a perfect configuration.

I use a mixed solution that few people like as it is not hardwired like a standard two NIC solution.
Modem - Wireless Router - LAN -     on the LAN SBS with two NICs  
LAN NIC That's the gateway adress for the PCs

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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
Zadkin... you have to just enable the Expert mode which should now be available in your user profile.

Also... just as a point of reference on the NIC configuration that you say you are using... by having BOTH NICs in the same IP LATA (192.168.0.x) you are bypassing RRAS within your server.  You need to have these on separate LATA's.  The suggested default for the Internal NIC is 192.168.16.x and the external one should be something like 192.168.200.x.  Avoid using 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1 x because these are very common ranges for home users and will not allow them to use a VPN connection should they have a matching IP address. is really the best way to do this (although that example unfortunately uses 192.168.1.x)

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