Connect to Informix DB through SQL Server stored-procedure

Hi, All!

What I need is to access an Informix database using a MS SQL Server 2000 stored-procedure. These are the steps I need to develop:

1. Connect to an Informix database using an ODBC connection which I already have configured;
2. Fetch data from the Informix database (it's a very simple SELECT statement);
3. Write the result of that query to a text file, using however any file manipulation objects (I believe they exist).

In conclusion, what I need to know is:

1. How to use Informix ODBC connection on a SQL Server 2000 stored-procedure.
2. How to create (or not) any kind of cursors which can help me fetch data.
3. How to write to a text file or what objects may I use to edit text files on the hard disk.

Can someone please help on this one? I don't really know much about stored-procedures in SQL Server, however I have good programming background, which will make it easy for me to understand any solution or information you may provide me.

Thankx in advance!

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gabesoSolution ArchitectCommented:
It'll be something like this but you'll need to identify the exact name of the informix driver in {Informix}: Just fill in all the bits between <> characters.

FROM OPENROWSET(  'MSDASQL', 'DRIVER={Informix};SERVER=<Server>;UID=<username>;PWD=<password>',   <table>)

You run this in sql server.

If you export the data from Informix to sql server you can then manipulate it there.

As for getting data to text files, csv files or whatever you can use DTS from the sql server enterprise manager - it will do everything you want.
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