Help needed very urgent Excel File Data Error 47 0F 94 93 F4 K5

Hi , Yesterday virus infected all my pc's in the network and the virus infected was W32.Blackmal.E@mm was was been removed. First i took the backup then i formatted my c drive and then installed norton internet security 2006 and i removed this virus but i have all my excel files which contains all the accounts and data of my company of last 5 yrs, when i open any excel file inside nothing is there except it is written DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5] i dont know how to fix this and these files are very important for me if i dont fix this then might be i will loose my job so please any body help me in this situation urgent..

Thanks for You all in advance
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does your company not do any proper backups? you should backup to external device, network or something.
When u did a backup, did you backup after the virus hit? Before you decide on the route for formatting, check for removal tools like this one

By the looks of things, the Virus has got to your files. I dont know if you can recover as the virus is supposed to replace your contents with DATA Error [47 0F 94 93 F4 K5

You are not the only one affected, lots of other people are getting it. From what I gather, it runs on the 3rd of every month.

There is this software called GetDataBack (has NTFS version, works a treat!) which can read formatted disks and get data back, this is assuming you read and copy to another drive. It may not work well since you have already written to it after formatting. Getting files back may be the corrupt ones also.

This company claims to get data back, but I dont know how valid their claim is
muiez14Author Commented:
Hi sorry i was company never did back up for these files because i am newly joined before 3 months and i am arranging everything, and i removed the virus but still i am not able to recover or cant view my data in excel file please give me any solution..
Try and use some Data Recovery tools to recover the lost data. There are many companies which will charge you and will recover your lost data. The only thing is, you have reinstalled the whole thing in which case there is a posibility that the sectors and tracks used by those files have been replaced. But you can give a shot.
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Unfortunately, that DATA Error message is the contents of a file that has been "over written" by the virus.  Your data is no longer in those files, at least not in any normal consideration of that term.  It might be possible to use forsensic tools to recover the data if the files are the same size and taking up the same physical locations on disk ... but otherwise, the file has been over written and that IS the conetnt of the files, not just something in the existng files that has changed that is causing some function to make that to appear.

You can try to take the file names of those over written files and search all the machines connected to your network and TRY to find another copy that is still in tact (basically recovering from a backup copy of the file).

Sorry its not better news.
If you want to read up on the effects of this virus check out this page on Symantec's site ...
There are no more suggestions because there is not progress update from author. I feel author himself is not really interested in the solution now or may be he has found the solution himself. If that's the case kindly post the solution here for other's help.
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