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Is it possible to create a form in outlook which allows a user to fill it in and them sends an email to another person?

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I just reread my post and realized that I never included the link to get you started.

Our form here alsoo looks "exaclty" like the "printed slip'.

When creating your form, be sure the "compose page" data is bound to the" read page".
Also include the forms definition with the form so that when it is sent to others, it can be installed locally if not added to the network..
Hi narmi2,
u can not

go thru following link which contains discussion over the same issue

Any form created in an email application using distinct formatting will get removed and only the text will get through. Hence you cannot do that.
The best option would be to use a web based form and send a hyperlink by email. Other choices are to use pdf or word files as attachments. Provided the recipient has these.
We use a plain text email where the recipient answers yes or no. Dull option.
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Yes it is if both are using Outlook....

Exactly what are you trying to achieve?
We have many custom forms doing simliar things and a couple of "one-off" designed also.
narmi2Author Commented:
Yes this will be in an office environment where everyone is using outlook.  When they receive a phone call they want to be able to click on a button in outlook which brings up a form which they can fill in while on the phone.  When the click on ok or send it should go to the relievant person.
As in a "While you were out" slip?
We have one.  This should get you started........

Each user will have to install the form locally so it will appear under the "Actions" menu.

narmi2Author Commented:
I only want the form to be on one computer and when that user fills in the form it should send an internal email to another employee.  all the text from the custom text boxes should be into the messages!!!
Then this is not a question related to outlook
u need to build ur own script and application for that
btw,what will be the technology for that form would be??
narmi2Author Commented:
I would like to do this with outlooks form designer e.g. tools > forms > design a form...

I have just figured out that it CAN be done.

I have just designed a form using "design a form" within out look with a few textboxes.  When the user clicks send, it inserts the text from the textboxes into the message of the message and then sents it to the relievent person, so it does exactly what i wanted it to do!!!

This is how you do it for anyone who's interested. :)

Function Item_Send()
      Set objPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages("Message")
      Body = objPage.Controls("TextBox1") & " " & objPage.Controls("TextBox2")
End Function
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