Ghost used with SYS Prep OEM Version Dell OS - Product Key Provided by Dell Invalid


We have created Ghost Image with Sysprep being run on teh Systems. We have cloned on Some GX620 and D600 Dell System.  But we have brand new system 3 GX280 where we are using the same Ghost Image but it is not accepting the product keys for the system. These are all dell provided OEM product Keys.  Kindly suggest if any Issues relating to this issue.

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Hi satish_pb,

were the original images imaged with an OEM key included    if not then the OEM key will not work no matter what you do

also were the images created pre service pack and then new OEM keys service packed? this can also cause fun

I asume you are doing :
ghost to drive
boot up, sysprep completes new settings and XP asks for key
key on the side of the machine does not work?

Remember that in Dell land there are ranges of keys locked to settings in the mobo cmos settings.  Key that worked on older Dell is not going to work on new one.
satish_pbAuthor Commented:
Both are the same , Othe OEM verions Of Gx620 and GX280 are the same,  The key on the side of the machine doesnt work
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is the key on the side of the machine for XP or 2000?  Maybe that is your problem, you can't type a XP key into 2000 professional.

is your ghost image of a system with sysprepped 2000 professional?

this post is in the 2000 topic area.
sorry I mis-spoke above.
Do you still have the working setup? If so you can use the following tool to find the key your original installation was setup with:

If you still have the recovery CD's of Dell you could also look for a "unattended.txt" or "winnt.sif" file. The key could also be in those files.
satish_pbAuthor Commented:

The OS Is windows XP and we are having problems realted to only these three systems, So we are keying in the right xp key
satish_pbAuthor Commented:
Team thanks for the help , This was Key issue on the system so we have contacted microsoft and got the OEM keys replaced

thanks for the help
cool cool :)
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