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Comcast multiple static IP to LAN static IP

I have 5 static IPs from my ISP, Comcast Workplace. 4 will be used.
I want one to go to my LAN for general use as 3 others need to route to specific computers which also are in the 192.168.1.xxx range.
The 3 boxes all use SSH, SFTP and HTTP so I need each WAN IP to route through it's own LAN IP.
I have a Linksys BEFSR41 for my general router and 3 BEFSR11s for individual statics.
All computers need to be on the same 192.168.1.xxx subnet for printing access. Also the linux boxes run an application that allows admin only from within the same subnet.
How do I do this?
This was my thinking but I keep getting errors:
Cable modem SMS8013 with 4 LAN ports acting as gateway. All BEFSR WAN ports are connected to the SMS LAN ports.
WAN gateway address is 70.90.xxx.214 with 5 statics being 209-213
LAN address for SMS is 70.90.xxx.208 - chosen so it's in same subnet - is this necessary?
BEFSR41 WAN is 70.90.xxx.209 LAN is no DHCH
BEFSR11 (a) WAN is 70.90.xxx.210 LAN is (linux server)
BEFSR11 (b) WAN is 70.90.xxx.211 LAN is (another linux server)
BEFSR11 (c) WAN is 70.90.xxx.212 LAN is (SCO server)
D-Link wifi access point with DHCP enabled LAN is DHCP range
Printers are in range
All BEFSR LAN ports are connected to a switch as are all computers, access point and printers.

I have tried port forwarding each BESFR11 on required ports to specific LAN IPs. Should I use static routing instead?

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That set up should work, just ensure that on each of the servers you have their respective router set as their default gateway.
I love the BEFSR41 series but unfortunately you cant do:

wan -> bef -> lan ----S
wan -> bef -> lan ----I
wan -> bef -> lan ----C

There are broadcast storms that occur under this diagram.  Best option I've found is get a basic PC and install IPcop.  It is a easy to use linux router which supports one to one nat, which is what you need.  

Other possibilities are higher end routers, Cisco, ISA, etc.
looked like the points should have been split.
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