Serv-U FTP server permissions problems

Serv-U v6.1
XP Pro SP2
Windows Firewall enabled (exception on port 2121)
Linksys Wireless router (port forwarding on port 2121)

This is the error I am getting while trying to access the FTP server from outside the router:

An error occurred opening that folder on the FTP server.  Make sure you have permissions to access that folder.

Operation timed out

Now, when I try to hit the server from the outside (with a laptop) and simultaneously look at the server (on the desktop PC) to see what the logs say, it shows that I am logged in.  But, it never actually shows any folder.  The little flashlight just keeps searching and searching until it times out.  I thought this might be a firewall issue, but since Serv-U shows me as being logged in I am a little confused.

Is it safe to say that this is no longer a network issue, and really is a permission/file path issue?

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I've found that forwarding 20-21 works best...try that under linksys & xp's firewall...
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
Please check your ftp protocol timeout at FTP server.

BR Dushan
quicksilver98Author Commented:
The timeout is set to 300 seconds from what I can tell.  I actually just changed everything back to port 21 and it didn't seem to make a difference.

Also, It doesn't seem to matter whether I am inside the router or not.  It is doing this on every machine I have tried, inside the network and out.
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Scott AndersonPrincipal Support EngineerCommented:
Have you taken a look here??

Also, since you are seeing this inside your firewall,  check the Serv-U permissions on the default folder.  At minimum you need Read & List perms on the folder...

quicksilver98 - in Linksys, forward ports 20-21.  In XP ICF, forward ports 20-21, in Serv-U, use port 21.
I have mine setup like this and it works fine...
I don't think it's permissions...

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quicksilver98Author Commented:
I gotta admit, I was a little skepitcal on sirbounty's advice, but it turned out to be that simple.  Switching back to port 21 worked.  Why?  I have no idea, but it worked.  Very strange.

Thank you everyone for your help.
It has to do with the type of FTP you're using...known as "Active FTP".
It uses the two ports, (the command & data port, as they're also known as) to setup and initiate the transmission.

Read more, if you're curious, here:
quicksilver98Author Commented:
Thank you sir.  That is a big help.  Especially for someone like me, who is new to the world of File Transfer Protocol.
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