Routing Question to differentiate WAN w/ internet

I am currently setting up and MPLS WAN on a private connection between my branches and corporate hq.  Currently we are using VPN through a pix.  I would like to put the routers in series and set up a system of routing to differentiate WAN and internet routes.  This is how I envision it set up

LAN ---> Cisco 2801 ----> Dual T1 (multilink) MPLS (2 serial interfaces) -----> Branch (Cisco 2801 10.1.xx.xx)
             Fast Ethernet
              Cisco Pix 515 -------> Cisco 2621 -----> internet and Branch Cisco 1721 10.2.xx.xx

How do I set up routes on the Cisco 2801 to direct outgoing traffic on my LAN that is destined for 10.1.xx.xx to go out the multilink interface on the 2801 router and 10.2.xx.xx as well as all internet traffic to go out the serial interface on the 2621 router as I will still be retaining a few VPN tunnels?  Thank you in advance for any help and please request further information if necessary.

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ip route (either remote addres of multilink point to point or dialer interface [dialer1])
ip route internal IP of Pix515

This will split your traffic appropriately. Add individual routes for each brach you put on the MPLS, leave the default ( route pointed to the pix.

t1clausenAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot...  I was thinking it would be pretty logical.  I was wary about the static route.  Sometimes it is best to ask the experts before altering production equiptment.
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