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I am not a MS Project expert by any means but I have been asked by our engineering department, who use Project extensively, if there is a way to have some sort of event notification. My understanding of their request is when a task is modified/updated, etc., that an email would be sent to a defined person or group of people notifying them of that change. I have Google'd it and have not had a lot of luck finding something clear other than a possibility of using Project Server, which seems like it might do it but I am not sure we would want to go to that length unless necessary.

I am sure this is not unique. Any ideas?
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You can write VBA code or macro to generate event notification.

Sending emails is intrinsic to Project Server. But if you are using desktop version of ms project you can use the following procedures to send emails.

To send email notes to the resources. In a resource sheet, select the resource or resources about which you want to send a project note. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (as Schedule Note). Under Address message to, select the recipients of your note. To send a note to all the project resources, contacts, and the project manager associated with the project, click Entire project. To send a note only to those resources, contacts, or the project manager associated with selected resources, click Selected Resources. To attach the project file to your note, select the File check box. To attach a picture of the selected resources in the active view, select the Picture of Selected Resources check box.

This procedure can be called from VBA code to have the event notification sent.

You may want to use the CHNAGE event of the project to write your code, which would be of the form:

Private Sub Project_Change(ByVal pj As Project)
    'Look for the information that has changed
    'If changed then generate notification
    'else do nothing
End Sub


cafulfordAuthor Commented:
Thank you Haris, I really appreciate the info!

One last question, is Project Server a "big deal" to set up? I kind of liken it to a centralized MS Project with some added bells and whistles. Do you think that should be something I should look into based on your expierience?


hi Charlie,

Microsoft Project Server is fairly easy to set up and the Installation and Administrator Guide that come with the system provide a good reference to install and configure the server to use.

It is useful to go thorugh the core concepts of MS Project Server. Once the concpts are clear one knows which section of project server is to be configured based on configuration requirements. While initial setup might not take very long or add difficulty, the concept of enterprise resources, views and roles will need some time for configuration.

Kind regards,

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