Using HttpWebRequest to post data using ColdFusion Web Services in VB

Hi Experts,
I have two problems here.  First, this url provided below (VB.NET code) is behind a session login screen and can not be retrieved without user login which I have during instance of app.  Second, I am very unclear with this implementation using VB.  All the MSDN libraries point to XML and C++ formatting when explaining how to "POST" and catch "RESPONSE" .  The code below(VB.NET code) would be great for retrieving information from a URL.  But I can not gather the information because the DSN for my coldfusion is password protected. Please help this is a very important part of my project.  I have the VB6 code of a past app done by outside contractors.  the simple code in VB6 isnt even close to .NET

Dim xmlhttp as new xmlhttp
xmlhttp.Open"POST", "" & myUrl & "", False
is all i need, i can pass the new data in with the VB6 with this line
xmlhttp.send "" & SendInfo & ""

done.  Crazy that I can not find any info on this on EE.  Please help!!

Here is what I have so far.

Dim objRequest As HttpWebRequest = HttpWebRequest.Create("")
Dim objResponse As HttpWebResponse = objRequest.GetResponse
Dim sourceCode As New System.IO.StreamReader(objResponse.GetResponseStream) ' setup new stream

This Url is behind CF session.

Thanks in advance!
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Naveen SwamyYash Infinite Solutions Private LimitedCommented:
they are tow different method for the same approach
in vb6 you could use to achieve the similar results as you would achieve in
KudzullcAuthor Commented:
Is HttpWebRequest even the same as xmlhttp.Open?

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