Canon IR3320 Shared printer on Win2003 has characters missing on printout

I have a networked Canon IR3320 Office Printer which is set up as a shared printer on a Win2003 Server.  Most of the time it prints in the correct font but characters are missing? Occasionally the printout is complete garbage.

If you install as an IP printer with driver installed locally on client it prints fine.

The printer has never worked properly as a shared printer with Win2003.  We recently changed from an NT server to the Win2K server.  Printer worked fine when shared from NT Server.  In fact it still does.  If you power up the NT server and connect to the ‘old’ printer share it works fine.

The driver is for PCL5e.  I have not tried the PCL6 driver.

I have tried;

•      Uninstalling printer driver the reinstalling latest Win2003 driver from Canon
•      Uninstalling driver and re-installing original, older driver from the CD supplied with the printer
•      Setting spooler to “start printing after last page is spooled”

I have not tried setting the spooler to “print directly to printer” as this is not what is required.  I want all documents to be spooled.

Any suggestions what to try next?
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We have those in our office.

You'll need the windows 2003 driver for sure.  What are your clients OS's?

We use a 3rd party maintenance vendor for our printers, but I can at least tell you the driver I'm using on my 3320's on Windows 2003 server:

I'm using the Canon IR2220/ir3320 PCL 6 driver on the print server with "addtional drivers:  Intel - Windows 2000 or XP = YES" also set.
ianmal2Author Commented:
What a prompt response!

The Clients are running XP or 2000Pro.
TheCleanerCommented: check and see if your drivers line up with mine above...

I have yet to have any problems, course my only "clients" are XP only now, so you may check and see if the clients having the problems are only your 2000 clients.
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i would test the printer on another PC first, to be sure if the printer has a problem or not.
Some further ideas:
In the advanced tab, untick "enable advanced printer features" this disables EMF spooling, which can cause issues with some printers.
In the printer port screen, select "configure", and change the port from "9100" to "LPR", queuename may be "port1", "auto" or "print", or you may need to check the canon information.
set "LPR byte counting" to on.

On the printer itself, look in the menus for "timeout" and "buffer size" increase these values, this has the effect of minimising dropped data.

remove the printer software and drivers fron the server. remove the printer software and drivers fron the clients. Install the latest
PCL 6 driver on the server and create the share also choosing the additional drivers option in the sharing section of the printer properties. to accomodate your XP and 2000 clients. Now add the printer to the clients. Let me know after that.
ianmal2Author Commented:
I am awarding the points to TheCleaner as he first pointed me in the direction of using the PCL6 driver which appears to have solved the problem.  Thanks also to wyliecoyoteuk and pcchecks.
Very welcome...thanks for the points!
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