Increase Employees salaries

I am trying to Choose a job_title_code: Increase all employees’ salaries that have: job_title_code by 10%
Here are the tables involved.

      Social_security_number      char
      Last_name                  varchar
      First_name                  varchar
      Address                  varchar
      City                        varchar
      State                  char
      Zip_code                  char
      Telephone_area_code      char            
      Telephone_number            char      
      Email_address            varchar      
      Job_title_code            varchar      
      Hire_date                  smalldatetime
      Salary                  money
      Job_title_code            varchar
      Job_title                  varchar
      Exempt_non_exempt_status  bit         (1-Exempt, 0-non-Exempt)      
      Minimum_salary            money
      Maximum_salary            money

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TimCotteeHead of Software ServicesCommented:
Hi mayan1,

Update Employee Set Salary = Salary * 1.1 From Employee Inner Join Job_Title On Employee.Job_Title_Code = Job_Title.Job_Title_Code

Should do it, remember though to take a backup first in case anything goes wrong!

Tim Cottee

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Patrick MatthewsCommented:
Hi mayan1,

UPDATE Employee
SET Salary = Salary * 1.1
WHERE Job_title_code = 'foo'


  SET e.Salary = e.Salary + (0.10 * e.salary)
 FROM Employee E
   JOIN job_Title jt
    ON e.Job_Title_Code = jt.Job_Title_code
 WHERE jt.Job_Title = 'SQL DBA' (or whatever title you want)
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Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
update employee
   set salary * 1.1
where job_title_code = 'your_title_code'

or, if you have the title:

update employee
   set salary * 1.1
where job_title_code in ( select job_title_code from job_title where job_title =  'your_title' )
Patrick MatthewsCommented:

You did not mention it, but does there have to be a check that the new salary not be more than the max salary?


Patrick MatthewsCommented:

If you need to check against the max salary...

UPDATE Employee
SET Employee.Salary = (CASE
    WHEN (Salary * 1.1) > Job_title.Maximum_salary
        THEN Job_title.Maximum_salary
        THEN Employee.Salary * 1.1
    Join Job_Title On Employee.Job_Title_Code = Job_Title.Job_Title_Code
WHERE Employee.Job_title_code = 'foo'


Patrick MatthewsCommented:

Sorry, I did not see your admin comment before my last post...


Lowfat - just out of curiosity, what gave the clue that it was a homework question? The 10% increase? I wasn't even thinking of that possibility when I answered.
I hear you. I think it is a marvelous idea to do a 10% across the board for all in my title though. Anyway I agree with your point here and will look for those examples more before replying moving forward.
mike  it is a marvelous idea to do a 10% across the board
me too ;-)
At least if SQL is in the title somewhere. Anyway my apologies for the off-topicness.
mayan1Author Commented:
I was checking on proposed solutions. The homework has been done and turned in. I got several wrong and wanted to know the correct way to handle in the future.  
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