BCC all emails to or from a particular domain to one email address

I need to BCC all emails sent or recieved to an internal email address for monitoring purposes. Does anyone have an idea of how I can easily do this, as it will be only for a couple of months?
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The receiving end might be a bit complicated - you'd have to have the possibility to adjust the incoming mail server to store incoming for this account in another mailbox as well. As for sending, a proper mail client should have the option of adding a permanent BCC to all outgoing messages. Or did you wish to do this in secret?
kevinbvaAuthor Commented:
I need this to be done secretely but throughout my organization. I am using an Exchange server.
With exchange you can forward all incoming emails to another address. Only make sure that you disable auto read receipts. The option is in AD > user properties > mail delivery tab.
I had done copying outgoing emails using a rule but cannot recommend that to you.
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kevinbvaAuthor Commented:
I only need to foward incoming to  my user if they are from a specific domain (external from me) as well as BCC any sent to that domain to my user. And this needs to be transparent to any users except the blind user of course. Even if there is a software that can do this, that will help.
I'm kinda foggy about some of the privacy laws that this might violate so you may want to check with your company's legal counsel before diverting copies of an individual's email message to another account.

On the legimate side of life, you can use ESM to do message tracking to and from the two entities.  It will give you time, sender/recipients (of course), subject title.

As well, if you are expecting a legal action to be launched by your company with your assistance against this individual.  The individual's active email box and whatever you have in tape archive should be of assistance.  You also may want to activate the option to recover from deleted items and set the recovery time to something long and not system impacting.  Just in case the person in question attempts to delete.  You may be SOL if you are sending email directly to PSTs.

kevinbvaAuthor Commented:
We are going to end up in letigation with the other domain (company) but need to ensure that any email sent to or from our 200+ user domain to or from their domain is viewed by our executive staff. I guess the easiest way is just to watch the logs, etc. What exactly is ESM (not to sound ignorant)? We just want to ensure that any accusations between the two companies can be backed up with proof. I knew that this was not going to be an easy task to attempt, as I guess it is not common practice.
You did not specify what Exchange version you are using. Regardless, Journaling appears to eb what you need.

For Exchange 2000 - have a look at http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/MF011.html

Have a read on Journaling in Exchange 2003 here -

its OK I've been called stupid plenty of times ;)

ESM-Exchange System Manager.  Its a utility found with Exchange 2003; but here's the MS url


Specifically you will be looking for Message Tracking Center located under the tools folder.


It looks like Exchange 2000 has a Message Tracking Center; although I am unfamiliar with the particulars of that version.

Best bet in reference to the proof, may be just good old fashion tape backups.  Make sure that however you backup; daily, weekly, that they are good backups.  And retension in the "recover deleted items folder" would make a good ace in the hole.

Forwarding is not an issue, if the user knows and condones it, otherwise its the privacy laws that will get you into trouble.  And you can't violate one law just to protect something related to another law.


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