Multiple SBS servers in one small network

We currently have 2 SBS servers here, setup by the guy I replaced.  I am rebuilding the network, and we will have at least 2, maybe 3 SBS servers in the new config (since we already have the liscense for them).

I have read - heard that SBS must be a PDC, and reboots every 90 minutes if it is not.  Any truth to that?  Any reason why I can not have a windows 2003 server at the PDC, and two or three SBS servers preforming my exchange functions?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Actually, it reboots every 60 minutes if it's not the FSMO master (there is no such thing as a PDC in active directory).

You can only have ONE Small Business Server PER DOMAIN.  You cannot create trusts between two SBS domains.  If you have more than one license... oh well.  
There can only be ONE SBS server in a forest. Also the SBS server must hold the FSMO roles. You can however have other servers in an SBS forest.
Note the key word in the last sentence, SERVERS. These will not be SBS servers.
terrymasonAuthor Commented:
OK, my plan was to make a windows 2003 standard my root server, with AD, DNS, FileShare, Printers, etc on it, and the SBS server should be my exchange server.  Sounds like this is not going to happen.

So that I do not waste my liscense, I can at least put my 2nd SBS server in the DMZ, on a different domain.... maybe I will take advantage of the ISA features.

Thanks guys.

Anyone have a good site where I can learn more about FSMO?
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You MAY be able to use one SBS server as an ISA server in the DMZ... never tried it.

For FSMO roles, see if this helps:
terrymasonAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys!!!
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