Netware 6.5 Memory Leak when using Open File Manager for Backup Exec

When I use backup Exec 9.1 with Open file Manager on a Netware 6.5 SP5 server I keep hetting out of logical space errors.  If I do not backup the server I do not get the errors only when backing up.  If I increase the maximum logical cache files available to 2Gb it will then reset itself and keeps giving me the errors.  This only started to happen when I patched the system to SP5
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Sounds like a bug in the TSA.Back rev to the last known good TSA.

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Is OFM configured to use a particular volume for its work space?  It might be that you just don't have enough room wherever it's trying to hold its copy of open files.  Did you choose the option to do a backup of updated files when you did the SP5 update?  Maybe your SYS: vol is too low on free space for OFM to allocate what it needs.  Try moving the backup files off SYS: or deleting them.  Before you do that, check your SYS: vol's salvage to see if maybe a purge of SYS: might fix it - I think the OFM wants "real" free space, not just "available" space, and if you've got salvage turned on on SYS: the SP update may have left a bunch of stuff in salvage for you.
IslandsITAuthor Commented:
I have 3GB disk space on Sys volume so I dont think it is that.  How would I go about checking the TSA and what version I am using and which is a good version.

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If you do a "M TSA*" on the console (less the quotes) you'll get a module list of the TSA NLM's with their version and file date.  "M SM*" will give you a list of the the modules starting with SM (like SMDR, SMU, etc), again with the version and file date.

The latest TSA update is TSA5UP19, which, I believe, has newer modules than those that came with NW6.5 SP5.  If there's a bug in the TSA, you *could* try "front"-revving to the current patch instead of doing a backrev.

Again, depending on how the OFM is configured, the "pseudo-volume" for the open file "snapshot" that it may be trying to create might be bigger than the available space in the pool.

See for an explanation of what I mean.
I suiggested the TSA issue first and in lieu of no feedback from the user,my answer is just a good a ShineOn's.

So a split of  points , maybe ,but  his as the only accepted answer ,no.

TSA's from Novell are notoriously flakey and back revving to a known good one is always the preferred troubleshooting method.
... unless the latest TSA5UPxx has the bugfix.  Then backrevving is just adding already-fixed bugs back in.

I have no prob with a split.
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