Printer in loop


The problem:

When turning on the pc the printer starts printing, and keeps doing so, and printing pages with
//////// or some other string at the top and bottom.

I thought I fixed it doing the following:
Checked the jobs and canceled all the jobs
Turn off pc, and printer
Unplugged printer from pc and power

At reboot I did a test page and another print and it was fine.

Today the guy calls me back and says the problem has appeared again.

At this point I'd like to know what can cause it, meaning what should I look into, and possible solution, detail explanations please.
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kenesoAuthor Commented:
Thank you both.

I am sorry but I should ask this to be deleted, as in the time you posted I had already solved it.

The problem was the user (old man) had created a veeeeeeeeeery long doc, and had clicked a couple more times than necessary on the print, so that after what were supposed to be the 2-3 pages doc he intended to print, the printer would try to complete the job printing the other 120 or so pages ... of course after the 10th or so he would take the paper out of the try, and when rebooting the printer would attempt to finish the job.

Indeed the first time I had only canceled the jobs, w/o checking the doc he was trying to print.
Does the printer do this by itself (when switched on without being connected to the PC), or only when the PC is connected? In the latter case, the problem is on the PC, otherwise it's the printer.

What connection do you use to the printer? What model printer is it? What is running on the PC when it happens? Does the problem happen as soon as the PC is turned on, at some time during the boot process, or only after Windows (which version?) starts?

More info please.
test the printer on another PC, to see if the problem shows there.
It can be an application program problem too.
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