Delimited List Of Items As input parameter

Hi All,

I'm sending a delimited string value to my stored proc as an input parameter. It looks like this ('1;2;3;4;5').
I have function that will I call inside a while loop that will extract each value. I'm stuck with the following problem.
I want to write a query that will select items from a table that will not include values from my delimted list. For example,
I have a table with 10 records with unique id's from 1 to 10. If I use my delimited list from above, I want to only retrieve records
from id's 6-10 and exclude 1- 5.  How do I go about doing this in my proc.  Thanks,
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after you've inserted the passed parms into a temp table

use the EXISTS/NOT Exists clause


Select a.* from mytable as a
where not exists (select from #temp where =

or if you're using dynamic sql then

set @sql = 'select a.* from mytable as a where not in (''' + Replace(@parm,';','''')+''')'



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Brian CroweDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Here is a function that will parse the list into a table for you

CREATE FUNCTION ParseList(@List varchar(8000), @Delim char(1))
      Rank int IDENTITY(1,1),
      ListItem varchar(100)
DECLARE @Item varchar(100)
DECLARE @Index int

WHILE LEN(@List) > 0
      SET @Index = CHARINDEX(@Delim, @List)
      IF @Index = 0
            SET @Item = RTRIM(LTRIM(@List))
            SET @List = ''
            SET @Item = RTRIM(LTRIM(SUBSTRING(@List, 1, @Index - 1)))
            SET @List = SUBSTRING(@List, @Index + 1, LEN(@List))
      INSERT INTO @ListItems (ListItem) VALUES (@Item)

After you add this function to your database use it like such...

   @parm varchar(100)

FROM myTable
LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.ParseList(@parm, ';') AS ListItems
   ON myTable.ID = ListItems.ListItem
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