OWAscratchpad and systemmailbox{hexnumber} system folders - do I need them??

We are migrating an Exchange2000 server(SVR1) over to a new Exchange 2003 server(SVR3).  We are already running a 2nd Exchange 2003 server(SVR2).  Everything seems to be working correctly.

1st question/problem: When dealing with public folders I have numerous "OWAscratchpad" entries and numerous "StoreEvents" entries.  Do I need all of these?  Can I delete them?  I think I may have replicated some folders that only pertain to Exchange 2000.?.?  

2nd question/problem:  I have 4 system created user objects in Active Directory labeled "SystemMailbox{HexNumber}.  They all have the little Red X on them indicating they are disabled or there is some sort of problem.  Do these indicate a problem?  Should I just leave them alone?  

thanks already,
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The only folders that you need to replicate are the ones listed in this kb article:

No others have to be replicated across as they are unique to each server.

polyadminAuthor Commented:
I have been working off of that article for weeks now.  It is a good overall article but it plainly states in step #1 to rehome all public folders, including system folders to the destination server.  In subsequent steps it is specific about certain other folders to re-home but it is not specific enough to know what to do with the rest of them.  Heck, step #1 is pretty simple.  Can you give any other articles or information that would be more specific, or maybe just look at an Exchange2k3 server to see what is correct?   thanks
I have my own article on migrating on my web site: http://www.amset.info/exchange/migration.asp
I only migrate the folders in that article. If it doesn't mention a folder then I don't migrate it - simple as that.

polyadminAuthor Commented:
So if I have already replicated any of the following list then I can un-replicate these?


 ---system configuration

Also, I can also un-replicate and DELETE the following system folders?

 ---OWAscratchpad{hex number}

 ---StoreEvents{hex number}

thanks, tom
Don't delete any system folders.
When you remove the server the folders will be deleted.

The others can have replication removed, as they aren't required.


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