how to schedule threads for time

Hi I'm using pthreads. I've have not been able to find a examples showing how to schedule thread execution based on time. For example if i want a thread to run every 100ms. Can anyone point me to some good example code.
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It's in fact impossible under linux. Linux does not guarantee You any timings.
What You need is real time scheduling - try

Or maybe You just need to do something, then sleep for about 100ms, then do something else and so on?
You could make one of threads a scheduler, which would trigger other threads(mutex, waitqueue, etc.) at given time points...
This is typically done by having the thread's run routine be a loop that sleeps for 100ms on each iteration:

while(1) {

If your system does not support a thread-safe usleep, you could use pthread_cond_timedwait() instead by createing a private condition variable that noone will ever signal.

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excuse me - You haven'k know the usleep() function?
Maybe You should then ask - how to sleep for 100ms....
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