Why does this appear "Auto Microsoft Office Document Image Writer on 'name a pc' " under printers?

Under Printers and Faxes, a network printer icon appears with a variation of this message depending on the workstation.  Is this because someone has networked to this device?  Is it ok to delete if not being used by user?
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I suspect that someone shared that printer, so it is now seen as a shared printer on many stations.  My students do something like this in one of the projects each semester.

The Document Image Writer is part of Office 2003.

I'm sure you could delete it if you really find it that annoying, but I'd just
leave it, it's not harming anything and later on you may find a use for it.

It allows you to 'print' the document to a file and then share it with other
Office 2003 users without them being able to modify it.

The Microsoft Office Document Image Writer print driver is included with Microsoft Office Document Imaging, and allows you to save any Office document (any file that can be printed from the program it was created in on your computer) in the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) (Tagged Image File Format (TIFF): A high-resolution, tag-based graphics format. TIFF is used for the universal interchange of digital graphics.) or Microsoft Office Document Imaging Format (MDI) (Microsoft Office Document Imaging Format (MDI): A high resolution, tag-based graphics format, based on the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) used for digital graphics.). You can then open the TIFF or MDI file in Office Document Imaging to make changes, add annotations, perform OCR, or send to someone using your e-mail program.

I hope this helps.



lloydr1lAuthor Commented:
Thank you for replying.  I already have an icon for Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.  Why the extra icon for the network printer?  Is it because someone else previously set it up or something automatic about a network printer?
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It is okay to delete.  The extra icon was probably created accidently.  I never seen anything happen when deleting the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.
lloydr1lAuthor Commented:
It was a shared printer.  But why does it show up automatically under printers and faxes without me mapping or anything?
By default, Windows XP monitors shared resources on the network to make it easier to connect to a shared resource. This feature, which is new in Windows XP, is implemented by periodically scanning the computers on the network. During the scan, Windows XP identifies any newly-shared resources, such as a printer that has just gone online as a shared printer, or a folder that has just been shared.

You can disable this process, as explained here:

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