MS-DOS Commands from FileMaker

Is there any way to perform DOS commands from FileMaker. I have tested with some basic .bat files using the Send Event Script Step. But that will only run the bat file. It will not let me know anything else. For example, what if I do a dir command. I would like to capture that result in FileMaker. There is a shell plugin but only works for versions 6 and lower. I need that for 7, 8.
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Send event is strait forward, it does a system call and comes back to filemaker without waiting for the process to complete.
So you can use send event for any shell command.
Send DDE needs documentation from the app editor which you never have, so you can leave that to professional dev people, and very few use it apart from microsoft with microsoft!
delete a file is no problem normally. if the command is complex, it is better to put it in a script, and "send event" that script;: Don't forget what I mentionned before, filemaker uses ISO text while CMD requires PC8 ascii.
And yr idea to make a PC unique based on volume info is not ideal: what happens if the user gets a new disk. Why don't you use the ethernet mac adress?
(Get ( SystemNICAddress ))
That is really unique and a network card is often on mother bd these days and less likely to fail than a disk
not as far as I know. but you can redirect dir > textfile then import it.
but if you want to manipulate files, you'd better use a plug-in, as they probably included everything you need.
the most famous is the Trio file plug-in, but there are quite a few, 4 or 5 maybe. So you need to list what you need to choose the one which suits yr needs the best.
And why is yr fm6 plug-in not running with v7/8; Sometimes, a small syntax modification is enough to get it ok.
ccazares67Author Commented:
I see an excelent free plugin here. It's called Shell and it inputs in a field the result of the commands you normally type in a DOS Console.

In the website it says that v 7 is not currently supported. Only v6-
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where is that thing?
may not be as reliable as /v6, but it works u/v7 too, but you've got to be care because the 1st thing I did (dir /s) crashed Fm very easily, be it v6 or 7.
so you have to take care that no command will generate something which may crash FM.
I would certainly use it for a limited usage like creating a folder or copying a file.
On top, the shell character set is not converted correctly to filemaker text, codes > ascii 128 are not converted from PC8 to ISO ascii; therefore a simple file list can be wrong if you are not using an accentless language like english...
ccazares67Author Commented:
I pretend to use it to check the volume info with the vol command. And the idea is to create a code that will be for that computer based on the volume information.

This command shows an 8 character code which would be part of the SN for a standalone solution that will be attached to that computer.

I can generate a .bat file and import the info into FileMaker, but I have not been able to delete the file.

I guess you can do something with the Send Event script or the Send DDE Execute, but there is not a lot of info in the helpfiles or manuals.
ccazares67Author Commented:
Well, it seems that this might be a better workaround for what I am trying to do and everything will be done in FileMaker.
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