JSP/Servlet based message board to integrate with existing application


I wanted to know about the various message board softwares available/compaible with J2EE.
I know about Jive but it has become license now.

Presently I am looking at eForums from jcorporate.
Does anyone have any feedback about eForums, has anyone ever used it in a project.

The abilities that are required from the message board are;

1.  Ability to moderate in a queue messages that do not become visible until approved

2.  Ability to skin the application to look like the rest of RoC's microsite

3.  Has to work within or at least integrate with our Weblogic/Oracle setup

4.  Needs to be able to scale to as high as potentially 1 million users (that's the number that RoC told us)

Please let your expert comments flow.

Thanks in Adv

Best Regards

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Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
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