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Hello All,

I have terminal services installed and operating correctly on a Windows 2000 server at a sister company.  I want to setup two users at two different locations to access the same directory and folder on a storage drive.  How to I set terminal services up so that when the users log on that they are pointed to the directory and folder?  My goal is not to have them browse around in the server but only restricted to what I want them to see.

Thanks a bunch
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Hi huntersp3,

you need to be a bit more specific with what you want. You can use folder redirection to point a users folder to a certain location if thats what you are after    eg. point mydocuments folder to a \\server\share

you can lock down terminal services using a group policy for the terminals service users

Server A has a storage area called DRIVE E: On this, you create a share called SHARE

You create a share for that is either shared to both, or seperate for each... your choice.

In the share set permissions so that the users (or a group for ease if you want to add more users later) has the desire access permissions. This is done on the share level.

Map a drive to the share and put that in the ALL USERS folder. Alternatively, set a group login script to run for those users


Then the user can login and have S: drive available which is this share.

This assumes the WIndows 2000 server has the storage local. If not, then the share needs to be on the storage host.

Hope this helps

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