Adobe InDesign CS2 corrupt file

I was workin on a INDD file and the program crashed. now everytime I try to open it back up i get an error saying "could not complete your request because of a database error"  any idea what to do now?
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One idea: will the file open on any other computers?
I don't know if you are on a MAC or a PC... below are PC suggestions

This could be a font problem.  I read one suggestion I read recently from the Adobe User Forums said:

"to temporarily try removing (move to another folder), all of the fonts in the Windows fonts folder EXCEPT the ones required by windows itself. I'm afraid I don't have a list handy, but you should be able to find the information easily by doing a web search. If the file opens, it means you have a bad font. If you get an error message on startup you may have removed a font that InDesign requires, and a Knowledgebase search on the adobe site should be able to reveal which one.

If you determine that some font is causing the problem, move half of the remove fonts back into the fonts folder. If the problem re-appears, the font is in this group, and you will need to find it by removing half and trying again, continuing to select half of whichever group has the bad font until you are down to just one. (if the problem goes away again, the font is in the last group you removed).

If the problem is not present after reinstalling the first group of fonts, install half of the remainder, and so forth. This is the fastest method for finding a bad font that I know."

If you are on a MAC, check out the Adobe User Forums for InDesign on the MAC.

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