Best way to connect printer

I have a small project soon and am looking for the best solution to my needs.

1. I will get a document that I will proceed to scan at say initial location A. into a PDF format.

2. I then want to have the PDF print out about 350ft from my present location at position B.

3. I have the computer with networking abilities, scanner and all software...but no printer or any needed network hardware.

There is no existing network and  all activities will be outside and subject to the elements...but will be sheltered.
I could use a hardwired solution but would prefer it be wireless as the area will be subject to heavy foot traffic and any exposed wiring could suffer

Whats the best way to accomplish this?


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If you have an existing wirless network you can buy a wirless access point with a built in print server (Linksys, SMC or D-Link). you attach the printer to its USB port and print to an IP port.

The distance and the traffic may call for a directional antenna to increase the Wirless range.

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IronDriverAuthor Commented:
There is no existing network and at present only a single computer involved.
Cat-5 ethernet cables allow up to 185m, but most specs state only 100m - just below your distance. I you can put a hub in the middle it should work.

There are wireless and laser systems that can go considerably further. However, these tend to be expensive. For example, look at

check this print server out

the range seems adequate and i would suggest a really good wireless router..and a USB printer of course. Without knowing the actual layout, its hard to give any advice except try to keep the space between router and print server as clear as possible to minimise interference
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