Compaq Presario laptop HDD crash and re-installing XP


I have a Compaq Presarion 2596US laptop. Few days back its HDD crashed. I tried to read the HDD using a USB and desktop but it does not spin and no life. It looks like dead.
I then used an external USB drive attached to laptop and using the XP CD to insatll XP on the USB drive. It starts the process and after formating the USB drive and copying the install files etc., it stops and give the blue screen with a message of:
" A problem has been detected and window has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer"
It also displays a hex number of 0X0000070.
I even tried to use a destop HDD which already had WINMe but it also stops at the message saying Installing ASPI driver and hang up.

1. Can I use an external USB drive to install and run XP on this laptop?
2. What is the meaning of the blue screen message? Is it just HDD problem or more?

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I must counter with a question: Why not replace the laptop's HD with a suitable internal one, and install the O/S according to "standard procedure"?
I guess some of us follow a different drummer.  :-)        Anyway -

I found the following explination to the error you posted:

There is not enough space
on the disk- (0X0000070)
occurred ?, line 0

While it does seem a bit strange I suspect the source of your problem is in BIOS.  Has BIOS boot order been changed to boot from USB at the top - or maybe just under the Floppy?  I believe <f10> gets you into BIOS on the Compaq.    :-)

Hope that Helps!!!

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jhussainAuthor Commented:
When I start my laptop and hit ESC key it gives Boot options as follows:
1. Removeable Drive
2. CD Rom
3. Hard disk
4. Network

So I used 2 to boot from CD ROm and hook up my external USB drive. There is internal HDD present. System boots from CD ROM and then fromats my USB drive and copies install files and then stops as I mentioned before. USB HDD is 80GB.

Any idea what is going on?

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I'll do some further checking but from your above posting, you may not have the option to boot from USB.  :-(
jhussainAuthor Commented:
I do not agree with you. I installed WinME on the HDD using desktop and then took that HDD and connected it as USB to my laptop and it did boot and start looking for new hardwares on the laptop and intalling it except that it hang up while looking for ACPI driver  or somthing like that.

You can't install XP to USB drives, this just doesn't work yet. You need special drivers for that (you'd have to press F6 during the installation to provide them on a floppy drive), but these drivers just don't exist. A further reason is that windows needs a pagefile but refuses to put that on a USB drive. There may be a workaround using somethin like BartPE, but that would just be a limited functioning windows. Windows 9x (or me) should be installable on USB.
jhussainAuthor Commented:
I looked into this more and contacted with HP Help desk. After a talk with them, it turned out that tI can not install OS on using USB drive. I checked with the drive vendor and it was in warranty so I got a new drive which I installed and it works now.
Since DAvid523 and Rindi gave amost the same answers, I would like to split the points between them.

By all means, go ahead.
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