Remotely connect VMWare Workstation ....

Hi folks,

I am trying to connect to VMWare Workstation that I have on a Windows 2003 server, remotely. I have the console client from VMWare Server but unfortunately only Workstation supports multiple snapshots, and that's the functionality that I require so VMWare Server doesn't work for us.

Anyways... I want developers to be able to connect to the VMWare instance so they can take snapshots, start and stop the VMWare session etc... however, I don't want to give them access to the desktop, or command line. I have tried doing this with VNC, and sharing a single window -- but if you minimize the window it gets all screwed up and unusable.

I am wondering if there is a way to connect to the VMWare Workstation remotely, not sharing the desktop or command line, or access to any software etc...

Any help is appreciated. Since this is a toughie, I'm giving a lot of points, but I need a good explanation :)
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Hello overworkedops

It pains me to say this, but have you tried Microsoft Netmeeting?

Also, I'm a fervent user of UltraVNC ( which has no problems sharing applications.  You could also give this a try.

Good luck!
Steve :)
Come on overworkedops,

Did any of the above suggestions help you out?

Steve :)
The forum I tols him about is the best way to solve his problem.
overworkedopsAuthor Commented:
Nope... I think I will have to wait until a new release of ESX comes out that supports multiple snapshots.
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