I included a # (pound sign) in a script believing it was to "comment the line", but it executed the line anyway

I had a script to shutdown the database.  This script runs in the cron Sundays.
The cron somehow did not execute the script.
I thought the script has something wrong, and started commenting out the  following lines in the script with a # (pound sign).
# lsnrctl stop
# shutdown immediate << EOF

Then I added a:
spool test.log
 select count (*) from dba_data_files;
spool off;

I tried to run it from the cron but it did not run, so I tried to run it manually, and it started to shutdown the database.  The listener was not stopped.
Why the pound sign was respected in a OS command, but the command inside the Sqlplus was executed regardless of the pound sign in fron of the line.

This was done with the oracle user which has this shell in the /etc/passwd:

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If you're running part of the script in sql plus, then the comment must begin with a "--" (double dash) instead of a #.

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if bpeterse's comment wasn't the solution, then please post your script. The line
shutdown immediate << EOF
makes no sense for me, since shutdown IMHO is not a command expecting more input. So I assume, that you messed up with a here-document (the "<< EOF" construct)

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