BIOS version and CPU compatibility

I wish to buy an Asus P5VDC-MX and a Celeron D 326J CPU, for CPU suport Asus claims 326 will work only if your BIOS is 0405 or higher

How do you find out the BIOS version before buying?
If i buy and the BIOS is older, how would I flash without a working CPU?
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really can't.  You can always flash it, but you would need another CPU to do it.  Unless you buy from a store where you can look.
>How do you find out the BIOS version before buying?

You can call up the vendor, but more than likely, they will not know, unless it is a specialty shop that has very knowledgeable people.

>If i buy and the BIOS is older, how would I flash without a working CPU?

A catch-22.  Borrow a cpu from a working system, and return it after flashing.
pruver3nAuthor Commented:
Ok so all I need to do is when I go to buy it, ask to look at the board?  And then how will I find out what the bios version is by looking, they might not let me open the packageing to check might it be on the box?

I sent an email to the store to ask them for the bios version hope this works, cause I do not have any other computers with 775 CPUS, this is my first time with such a socket.

Also I read not to touch the contacts under the CPU, which I would never do anyway cause of static, but what if one finger was to acedently slip, I am gona be wearing a Antistatic wriststrap,  But manual says oil from fingers damage.

I will reward those with the answer after I wait for a few more responces.
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I'm not sure about the area you live in but where I am, when you buy a motherboard and processor at the same time, they post it for you to make sure it is working and if it doesn't the will flash the BIOS to the latest version to see if it will work.

Ask the place you get it from if they can do that  for you. If you are buying online, it's a crap shoot. Go to the ASUS Web site and prep a disk with the latest BIOS just to be on the safe side. Well, if it doesn't support the Proc out of the box that won't really do you much good unles you have and older processor you can use to flash it.
The wrist band is always a good idea and if you do not have one, just grab the case before touching the parts. This will discharge the static that might be built up in you. The oils on your fingers can cause damage to the Processor. The Proc will get hot onc ein place and running. If skin oil is on it, it might cause a hot spot on the chip. I guess that comment speaks for itself. Heat is not a good thing ;o)
In many cases, the mobo will recognize CPU sufficiently to flash BIOS (e.g. CPU speed misreported).  In some cases you have to install another CPU to flash BIOS.  If it's just a faster CPU with same FSB and voltage settings, probably can flash BIOS without any problems.

When Sempron 64 CPUs were new, most socket 754 mobos required a BIOS flash to support them.  Could be done with Sempron installed.

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pruver3nAuthor Commented:
Ok so let me just clerify,  I can fisrt ask the store to lookup the BIOS info, otherwize I can ask to look at the board or ask if they will test it for me.  And that if I end up buying a board with the wrong B IOS I might be able to flash the system if I already have a disk with the correct BIOS file?

If it is then I would split points between jdietrich, Callandor, and willcomp

let me know if this is ok.
Reasonable approach to me.  It is definitely preferable to have CPU support at the beginning, but not always feasible.  I would try to ensure that mobo will boot with your CPU installed though.
pruver3nAuthor Commented:
I have aproached both vendors via email, one has yet to respond, the other says CPU is discontinued, so I asked for him to find another Celeron D 775 $80 CDN or less that is compatible, I asked spasificaly for him to check compatibilty, and will await responce.

Thanks for all the help.
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