SIP ... softphones .... IP phones ... dialing to/from ... (fairly straight up questions).


In Theory, what is the name's of some of the more popular softphones out their that use SIP?
In Theory, could I use "Gizmo" Project softphone with a number?

I would like to be able to use a single source of a softphone (that is totally SIP ready) as my single solution
to call out and/or receive in VoIP type calls.

So, here is some more misc. questions:

1.  If I am using a real IP SIP phone (like say the Linksys SPA-841), how do I dail a number that is in this format:

(this is a non-working example)

I know for sure how to 'dial' those number's (copy/paste into IE which launches the default SIP phone program), but I have no clue if you
can do that from a 'normal' IP SIP phone teleset?

Once in a while, when working with various softphones (trying to find the one that works best for me), I've noticed that they too ONLY seem to
allow you to enter a digit and no "letters".  Does this seem right, or is that a software setting more then likely?

Finally ....

If a SIP phone is 'registered' on a LAN locally, via an internal PBX, shouldn't that phone then at least be able to call out and reach any other VoIP phone that is also registered to the same internal PBX?  One variable is that both IP SIP phones are behind a NAT (SIP aware) router.  I do not know the type of NAT used on the router, but when you do a *7 from the Linksys phone ... it tests and tells you it is a SIP aware router.

Anyone know how to find out what your SIP number is when you are on a Linksys SPA-841 phone with NO access at that time to its web based front end?  
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X-Ten ( is quite popular. Also have a look at
I quite like Firefly as it is nice and easy to use.

To dial sip:// you will need to look at the instructions for your phone to see how you dial an IP address directly.
For example on my grandstream phone I would have to do a dns lookup on to find its IP address. For example assume it is 111.222.333.444.
The I will need to use the table shown in the manual to convert the 'callmenow@' to numbers and append the IP address :-

If two phones are registered on the same PBX then both phones will be able to call each other by just dialing the extension number of the corresponding phone assuming the PBX is configured correctly.

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pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
I've tried X-light (or as you called it X-Ten), and I can NEVER seem to configure it.  I put in even the most min. of requirements:

my registration proxy (using sipphone)
my sipphone number
my sipphone password

I can never dial OUT using X-light because I always get an error message that tells me (no proxy available for connection).
The one main thing that I HATE about X-light is that it ALWAYS pops back up with the 'menu' settings when ever there is an error.
That gets OLD fast!
I never got on with X-light myself either. It seemed far too over complicated to setup.
Have you tried Firefly?
pugdog_fanAuthor Commented:
I just d/l and installed FireFly ver. 2.x   It said on the website that FireFly using IAX, but that is can be setup to use SIP and other SIP number providers.
I installed FireFly ... did all that registration stuff (created a new 'IP' number, etc.) ... Only to learn that there is NO 'easy' way inside the setup to change to SIP.
In fact, SIP isn't even mentioned in their FAQ, in the program help files, or no where else that is super handy.

I didn't know trying to use one SIP softphone with either mulitple proxies or a boot-menu to pick my options would be so 'hard'.

I have only tried Firefly in IAX mode. I saw version not supports SIP but oviously not :(

I have heard SJPhone mentioned a few times so you could give it a go (
Here is a better list of a lot of SIP softphones -
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