Cannot browse folders in windows 2003 through Netbios names?

I have installed a windows 2003 Server with two NIC Cards.  One NIC is connected to a DSL Router with Static IP address (WAN), the other NIC is running DHCP and has the firewall turned off.  The server is routing IP addresses and is configured for NAT.  Everything seems to works just fine, except I seem to have a Netbios issue or something.   When I share folders on the server, I am unable to browse through the shares from the client computers using start>RUN>\\theservername\sharedfolder.  At first I thought it was NTFS Permission problem, but I am able to browse through Active directory on the client computer using My Network Places, and have access to the shared folders.  Now it gets a little more interesting, if I am at the client computer and type in the run command \\\sharedfolder, I am now able browse through the shared folders.  Therefore, I must have something configured wrong with the NAT routing, or I need to use WINS to resolve Netbios names.  Anythoughts?    
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if you do a ping -a does it resolve a name at all?

Are the workstations pointing to internal DNS?

Go to the DNS servers and check the forward lookup zone(s) and make sure the domain name is one of the forward zones and that there are A records in there for the servers, etc.

If not, it's a DNS issue.

Also, run a DNSDIAG from a command prompt to test.
1.  Are the clients internal or external?
2.  If external, does it work ok internally?
3.  Do you have DNS configured properly?

Whether the clients are internal or external will make a big difference where the answer lies.
Walter PadrónCommented:

start>RUN> nslookup theservername   resolves to
start>RUN> \\theservername.your.domain\sharedfolder let's you browse shared folders?

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robertsklAuthor Commented:
The client computers are internal.  DNS is setup with a forwarder and client computers are able to reach the internet.  

start>RUN> nslookup theservername   resolves to  NO CANNOT FIND SERVER
start>RUN> \\theservername.your.domain\sharedfolder let's you browse shared folders?  NO CANNOT FIND SERVER

It looks like I have a DNS issue then?  Where did I go wrong?
Walter PadrónCommented:
Also start>RUN> ipconfig /all
and check if your domain is listed under DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . :
Thanks for the points!
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