Acrobat gives the message: Could not find the XObject named Im1.

I have written a program that generates a PDF. The program is trying to create a page object that refers to a form XObject Form1. Form1  refers to an image Im1. When Acrobat (6.0) loads the file, I get the message Could not find the XObject named 'Im1'. And the page displays without the image.

Here is the PDF my program generated. Note: Object 5 (procset) is there but not referred to.

Please help. Thanks in advance.
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Now, I get that it can't find the XObject named "%s".  And it also doesn't display anything.

As far as coding in PDF, I'm hopeless.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Do you have a tool to look into a PDF file (e.g. the Enfocus Browser, which unfortunately is no longer available. A commercial alternative is the PDF CanOpener -
I looked around your PDF file, and the problem is that it's trying to place an image named "Im1" with the following command in the page content stream:
/Im1 Do

When you check the Resources dictionary, there is an XObject entry, but it only contains one object named "Form1". This does not work.
Now, if I change the Do command so that it references the XObject named Form1, the error message goes away, and Acrobat will paint something on your page. However, I suspect that it does not look like what you expect it to look like: You need to set a transformation matrix before you execute the Do command, so that Acrobat knows where and in which size to paint the object.

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MikeBroderickAuthor Commented:
No, I do not have a tool to look into a PDF file. I was going to ask about one but didnt put it in the question. Thank you much for the CanOpener reference.

I accidentally altered the example you are looking at this morning. The page object's stream referenced an XObject called /Form1 in the unaltered example. Sorry.

I found a passage that says that a resource directory for a Forms XObject cannot be annother object like it can for a Page Object. When I changed my file, it worked.
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