Insert 6 digits into a chart

Nee help in :
1.  add my 6 figure into my chart
2.  delete  name in a chart
66666  Gustavson        Ian     25      M       250000
88888 Anderson  Jane    Jane    38      F
need to delete the 1st Jane and insert 450000 under 250000.  Please help me the chart should look like this
66666  Gustavson        Ian     25      M       250000
88888  Anderson        Jane    38      F        450000

Please help!!!!!!!!!!
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perl -i -pe 's/Jane\s+(Jane.*)/$1\t450000/' chart

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leftridge1Author Commented:
when i put in the command it came out like this
66666  Gustavson        Ian     25      M       250000
88888 Anderson  Jane  38       F       450000
Is there any way I can add space to line the chart up.  
awk '{ if ($3~/Jane/) {print $1"\t"$2"\t"$4"\t"$5"\t"$6"\t450000" }else {print $0}}' <file>

if input isn't tab-separated, try this one:
awk '{ if ($3~/Jane/) {print $1"\t"$2"\t"$4"\t"$5"\t"$6"\t450000" }else {print $1"\t"$2"\t"$3"\t"$4"\t"$5"\t"$6}}' <file>


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another variant:
awk '($4=="Jane"){$4=$5;$5=$6;$6="450000";}{printf("%-6s%-16s%-8s%-8s%-8s%s\n",$1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$6);}' chart
Perhaps one of you has an idea (according to the given awk-suggestions, I guess not...;) ):
I was just wondering, whether awk provides a kind of "shift-operator" for the postional params/matches....
> .. awk .. "shift-operator"
unfortunately no, at least I don't know of any
sometimes your simply can set a positional parameter "empty, like $3=""; but that is gawk/nawk only
otherwise you have to loop
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