Email address in AD user profile keeps changing by itself!

I've changed the default email address from to, applied the changes and closed the user profile. I've then logged out and back into Outlook on my workstation and sent a test email to my account. The email appears to come from which is correct and how I want it to appear.

However, if I go back into the user profile on my server, it's changed back to by itself. The only thing I can think of is that mailbox alias which is set to "dave". Does this need to change too? I haven't done so incase it gives me a new mailbox or something.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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The recipient update service makes the change. 

The easiest wide to avoid your e-mail address being changed is to change the automatically update addresses based on recipient policy checkbox on the e-mail addresses tab of your account in active directory users and computers.

Alternatively in most situations the alias can be changed with out impact, it depends on what else you have configured in your network.
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