GroupWise 7 and importing Gwise 5.5 user from backup

Can't remember password on user's email account and need to get at some really old email....

Currently running GroupWise 7/Netware 6.  Have a complete copy of 5.5 PO.  Have the user in current tree with proper FID.  Want to restore email from the 5.5 PO backup (it is located on a mapped drive).

I was hoping that Tay Kratzer's "Restoring Deleted GroupWise Users" (for Gwise 6.5) instructions would work.  Wants me to copy wpdomain.db and gwpo.dc from live system to my hard drive and then in consoleone, switch to that domain so that I don't mess with my live system.  It will not allow me to do that.  Gives me "Error opening GroupWise database file".  I've also tried to switch to the backup drive that has the complete PO - same error.

Help!! Is it GroupWise 7?  What can I do?
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You may have to install a GW5.5 domain in an isolated network and do the recovery that way, and then migrate the mailbox to GW7.

When you post error messages, if there's a code that goes with it, it's extremely helpful to include that error code.

Sorry nobody else noticed this...
musiljudeAuthor Commented:
I'm thinking no one has an answer.  So should I just delete this question?

mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I suggest not following that "restoring deleted groupwise users" on your live mail system.  Another guy in my shop blew up my entire domain when following that.  Not sure if he did something wrong of if the walkthrough was wrong but it made me wish I was never on vacation that day!

I would go with ShineOn's suggestion of just installing Groupwise on another server and attaching it to the 5.5 domain/po.  When you start the agents the domain and po will be automagically updated to 7.

A small windows box (even VMWare) is all you need to do this.  You should have all the windows agents on the same media as the novell agents (you can even use your current SW dist directory as you will need Client32 installed on the Windows box anyway)

Setup a whole new eDir and GW system without linking them to the main system, this will prevent any mistakes that will have you slamming your head against the wall.  I keep a VMWare handy for whenever I need to do weird stuff with Groupwise.
musiljudeAuthor Commented:
I installed Groupwise 5.5 on a separate server (separate tree, etc.); grafted the objects from the post office in.  Loaded the poa/mta and was able to get at everything!

Thanks and this thing is done!
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