Massive exchange fubar... mayday!

In an effort to recover from a server that was damaged... I attempted to delete the primary exchange server without following the correct steps.  I attempted to change the RUS and did so but, since than can not start the excnge information stores... when i click on enterprise configuration manager, properties, domain controller; i get the following error
Exchange System Manager
The operation failed.
ID no: 80004005
Exchange System Manager

Help!... at the same time I deleted a mailbox... opps and need to recover it before it times out.
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this is just a vbscript , here is what to do

cut and paste the text into a file and name it "c:\script.vbs" with a vbs extension.

then at the command prompt run

cscript c:\script.vbs

good luck!
shepimportAuthor Commented:
I found this article... but... I am not sure how they want me to run the script??
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