Cannot ping 2003 server R2 by IP address, only by name

recently purchased a new Dell server with Win 2003 R2 pre-installed. The
server seems to be operating fine with one exception, that now has a 3rd
party app not working properly.

You cannot ping the server's IP address from any machine on the network, it
just times out. You can ping the server by name and it responds just fine.

I need to be able to ping by IP as well and cannot seem to make this work.
Windows Firewall is not even turned on.

Is there something that R2 does to limit this or something?

All my other 2003 servers can be pinged by name or IP and respond just fine.

Any ideas?


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now thats an interesting one....

from there server itself can you ping other IP addresses

also if you ping from the server does it see itself?

ipconfig /all|more

anything dicey turning up in there?
Hi netezza,

if you do an nslookup on the name does it show you the correct IP?

netezzaAuthor Commented:
Yes. nslookup returns the correct server name and IP address associated with it. All the other Win2k/2003 servers on my network respond to IP ping or name ping just fine. THis is my first 2003 R2 box, firewall is not turned on or anything.

Bizzarre...was thinking it could be the port on my switch, but all ports seem to be working fine...

Just cannot ping the IP.
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netezzaAuthor Commented:

It turns out that it was a REALLY long day with other busted projects, and the few places I tried to ping the server I was using the wrong IP...very dumb I know...but up to neck in alligator problems.

Many thanks for the quick response which forced me to focus more and dig in deeper...

Lol, been there done that!

was very confused as i couldnt find any other examples of your problem anywhere!!!    ah well all the best mate

hope your day gets better
netezzaAuthor Commented:

2.5 IT guys for a 250 person growing high tech company, you can imagine whats on my plate...

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