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Any way to enable QoS on 2924xl switches? Is there an IOS version I could get for it?

Thanks, --Rob.
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Apparently the old 2900-XL series will only allow tagging packets w/ COS (cost of service).  Minimum IOS is 12.0(5)XP.
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  And you'll still need a Cisco or other router to enforce this simplistic QoS.  A 2950 with the EI (Enhanced Image) supports more advanced QoS features, but since it's also a layer-2 switch, you'd still need a layer-3 device (router or layer-3 switch) to enforce your QoS policy.  If you *really* need some decent QoS that's enforceable on the switch, get a layer-3 3550 or 3560 (or higher model).

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