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Is there a software that can be used to draw Object oriented class diagrams for a application written in C++. Can someone please direct me to a site from where I can get that software?

Thanks in advance

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Most OO class diagrams are now done using the Unified Modeling Language (UML).
There are numerous UML tools available on the market.  
You should be able to find one that suits your experience level, price point, and platform here:

Take a look at this powerful UML design tool (it's also free):


  Nayer Naguib
u can use rational rose for object oriented class diagrams
Prashant SabnekarAVPCommented:
There are many softwares which can be used to draw class diagrams, such as,
1. Rational Rose

2. Visual Paradigm //free

3. Smart Draw //free //free

5. //free

6. //free

etc, There are somany tools, but i prefer Rational Rose because it is very powerful and comes as a suite with Rational purify, quantify, clear case,... (It is very costly)

Prashant Sabnekar

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