Removing Zapmeta

These @$#%es have really covered their bases well. May anyone associated with Zapmeta burn in the fires of Hades.

Some spy/adware called Zapmeta has gotten ahold of my browser, so that every now and then when I click a link, it redirects me to the Zapmeta 'search results' page using the words in my URL as search terms. It also happens when I type in a URL, and it happens when I click any given hyperlink. Usually all I have to do is back up, hit the link again and I go where I wanted to in the first place. But it's so annoying I want to kill somebody.

What really chaps my arse is that these jerks seem to have figured out search engine science, so when you Google 'zapmeta' or 'remove zapmeta', it comes up with all these bogus links talking about how great Zapmeta is, or other stuff giving you this idea that Zapmeta is somehow legitimate.

I am an experienced Spybot/HijackThis user, so if that's all you have in your bag of tricks, thank you for the thought, but save your breath; been there done that, they don't seem to work against this annoying scourge.  

I cannot be the only person in the world with this crap on my machine.

Thanks for your help.
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You can use hijackthis to trace out its entries and can fix them.

Download Hijackthis from here >>
Run it, save its log file, post it here >>
Analyse your log file, save it and please post the link for that analysed log here.

How to use Hijackthis
I am also an experienced hijackthis user, but give me a chance because I sure have plenty of tricks in cases where many people missed :)

I already have an idea of what your problem is, but I just want to see a Hijackthis log first.
Please download HijackThis 1.99.1
Open Hijackthis, click "scan and save a logfile" don't fix anything yet, just upload the logfile created, go here and paste your Hijackthis log,
then at the bottom left corner click "paste"
Copy the address/url and post it here:

Or copy and paste the log at; 
and click "Analyse", "Save".  Post a link to the saved list here.

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With no Hijackthis log to look at, my first hunch would be, that it's casued by "wareout".

Make sure nothing suspicious going on in your hosts file:
Windows 2K = C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\hosts
Win 98/ME = C:\WINDOWS\hosts

If you're using the default hosts file there should be no entry underneath this line: Localhost

Uninstall UnSpyPC from Add/Remove Programs if present:

You must have an active Internet connection when running this fix, in order to download the Brute Force Uninstaller (BFU) from Merijn's page.

If you have problems with your connection:
Please go to Start -> Control Panel, and choose Network Connections.  Then right click on your default connection, usually Local Area Connection or Dial-up Connection if you are using Dial-up, and left click on properties.  Double-click on the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) item and select the radio button that says Obtain DNS servers automatically.  Click OK twice, and restart your computer.

Please download FixWareout from one of these sites:

Save it to your desktop and run it. Click Next, then Install, make sure "Run fixit" is checked and click Finish.
The fix will begin; follow the prompts. You will be asked to reboot your computer; please do so. Your system may take longer than usual to load; this is normal.

Once the desktop loads please post the text that will open (report.txt) and please post a Hijackthis log.

swainschepsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help - sorry I got side-tracked.
swainschepsAuthor Commented:
oops - sorry - the cause seemed to be some nastiness in a file called adslpbm.dll.
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