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I have a report that has mega variables and's the ole TR,RR, PS...etc.. report that you've helped me with in the past.

But this is related to my my need to group and subtotal on a formula that consolidates client numbers into GROUPS.

ie.  clients 1000,1100,1200 are all WELLS FARGO, and 2000,2200,2300 are all FIDELITY NATIONAL.

All I'm doing is assigning a TEXT IDENTIFIER NAME to a group of client id's.

I did a summary "distinct count" on the file number and I'm trying to get a TOP 10 summary. I get the TOP 10 client groupings with the correct counts, but I cannot get the report to show the OTHERS category. Does anyone know why the OTHERS Category is not showing. I am checking the box that says display OTHERS. ETC.

Thank you for your assistance.
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LOL - I just sent off an email to my client that I am having a problem with their top 10 report - lucky us :-)  My problem is different than yours but I was able to reproduce exactly the situation you are reporting.  

I am showing summary values in the group(n) footer and detail section is suppressed.  I show the NAME in the Group(n) Header.  If the user clicks on the NAME (i.e., Wells Fargo), it drills down to the details (most have multiple accounts - i.e., 1000, 1100, 1200).  If I select 'Display Others' then all the others are added into my last group with a name of OTHERS.

However, if I suppress the group heading and show NAME in the footer with the associated footer summaries, the values for 'Other' are added to the 10th NAME.

Hope this info helps?  

How do you have your cross tab set up?  And what section is the cross tab located in?  My guess is if you put the cross-tab in any other section than the footer, you could run into Top N problems.  In addition, make sure that you are using the column name and not the grouping names.  

Rows: Client Name Column
Columns:  The measures: could be date or whatever
Summarized Fields: whatever you want to sum or count

Then make sure in your Group Sort Expert that you have something like this
For this group sort: Top N
Based on:  The same field that you used to summarize
Where N is: 10
Make sure the check is on the Include Others, with the name Others

hope this helps.  :~
(Never experienced any problems outside of having data type mismatches with the Other grouping)
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantAuthor Commented:

Talk about Quirkie...but this will fix my problem, thanks for the help.

MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantAuthor Commented:
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