Groupwise 6.5 and restoring one users email from GWBACKUP

We have a Groupwise 6.5 email system running on Netware 6.5. A user was deactivated by an admin, for whatever reason their email is gone.
This user was deactivated and then renamed. The email is gone for this user, however after further investigation it was found that the Groupwise properties still show
the original FID identifier.
We need to restore one users email. We run Gwbackup32 daily on the email system. However, documentation is pretty sketchy for gwbackup32.
The user still has an FID identifier associated with them but no email.
How is the best way to get their email back?
Can't I just find the directory with their FID identifier in the Gwbackup directory and copy those database files back over to the  postoffice?
Then run an analyze and fix on the post office database?
Or will I have to graft the user back in from console one.
As an alternative I have a test email system setup, with a different domain and postoffice name if that would help. However, I am not sure how to import users from gwbackup into another test email system that has a different domain name and postoffice name, Is that even possible or necassary?
I have the complete directory available of the gwbackup that I have recently run.
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If this happened recently, then hopefully the background processes that clean up the message databases (domain\ofmsg\msgxx.db files) hasn't run.  Once that's occured, things get ugly.

Go into your backup and grab the domain\ofuser\userxxx.db file and throw that in the live system.  Then try and log in to the account.

I've done a number of restores doing a similar process, but usually in my case the user has been completely deleted, so I have to look at an old copy of wpdomain.db first to find out the FID.  In your case, you already know that, and the user still exists in the domain database (if you can see it from C1).

Give it a try, it might just work.. worth doing before you attempt anything else.

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