What happened to javac in the sdk 1.5 build 6?  I used to command line build java files with javac  What should I use instead?
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should still be there, why do u think its not.
Have you added the bin directory to your path?
tmonteitAuthor Commented:
There's a javacpl.exe    if a javacpl my System.out.println("HelloWorld"); program nothing happens.

$ ls
JavaWebStart.dll  dt_socket.dll      jpeg.dll        nio.dll
JdbcOdbc.dll      eula.dll           jpicom32.dll    orbd.exe
NPJPI150_06.dll   fontmanager.dll    jpicpl32.cpl    pack200.exe
NPJava11.dll      hpi.dll            jpiexp32.dll    policytool.exe
NPJava12.dll      hprof.dll          jpinscp.dll     rmi.dll
NPJava13.dll      instrument.dll     jpioji.dll      rmid.exe
NPJava14.dll      ioser12.dll        jpishare.dll    rmiregistry.exe
NPJava32.dll      j2pkcs11.dll       jsound.dll      servertool.exe
NPOJI610.dll      jaas_nt.dll        jsoundds.dll    ssv.dll
RegUtils.dll      java.dll           jucheck.exe     tnameserv.exe
awt.dll           java.exe           jusched.exe     unicows.dll
axbridge.dll      java_crw_demo.dll  keytool.exe     unpack.dll
client            javacpl.exe        kinit.exe       unpack200.exe
cmm.dll           javaw.exe          klist.exe       verify.dll
dcpr.dll          javaws.exe         ktab.exe        w2k_lsa_auth.dll
deploy.dll        jawt.dll           management.dll  zip.dll
dt_shmem.dll      jdwp.dll           net.dll

tmonteitAuthor Commented:
Oh yes, what happened to jar?  I used to jar -tvf X.jar to verify class files.

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are you sure thats a jdk, and not just a jre
where did u download it from?
thats the jdk, are you sure that it was installed in that directory and not somewhere else.
Default is to put it in Program Files
Well, I don't have access to the link you posted. Anyways, I strongly support objects. It's actually
a JRE you've installed in disguise of a JDK. Recheck that.

Mayank SAssociate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
Also, where are you running your application from? You might need to add the JDK\bin directory to your PATH if you are running it from some other directory (better set JAVA_HOME environment variable to the JDK directory and SET PATH=%JAVA_HOME%\bin;%PATH%)

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At that prompt, try

which java
Sorry - of course

which javac
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