calendar control only allows to choose month and year

I have an page which let customer choose their request date. But due to business rule, the request date has to be always on the 1st day of calendar month. Basically it means customer could only choose the month and year, not the day. Is there a way to achieve that by using calendar control? Thanks!
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Use this to show always 1st day of the calendar month chosen.

    Protected Sub Calendar1_SelectionChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)
        Calendar1.SelectedDate = DateSerial(Year(Calendar1.SelectedDate), Month(Calendar1.SelectedDate), 1)
        Calendar1.TodaysDate = DateSerial(Year(Calendar1.SelectedDate), Month(Calendar1.SelectedDate), 1)
    End Sub
what's the point with the calendar control then?
You could instead create two dropdownlists (or one) containing month and year.
pumaken68Author Commented:
Thanks Darth_helge, your comment makes sense. That's what we did in ASP. Now converting to, we just want to make use of calendar control as much as possible.

Thanks bsdotnet, we've achieved what you said using C#.
But it looks a bit weird. easily confusing customers.
Are there any calandar control available which only lets you choose month and year?
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