Qtek 9000 - A working dual sim solution ?


I've been searching for weeks about a working solution for a dual sim system for a qtek 9000.

I've first made a test with a duosim D2 device with NO success :

I've also made a test with the stancom black 1 dual sim with no more success :

The manufacturer told me he made it work with a Qtek 9000 but may be it is an OS related problem (I've got a French ROM) :
OS : Windows Mobile 2005
ROM : 1.13.72 FRE
Date : 10/13/05
Radio : 1.03.00
Protocole : 42.36.P8
Extrom : 1.13.166.FRE

These dual sims  work fine with a "traditionnal cellular" (no windows mobile OS...)

Does someone knows about a working dual sim solution for the Qtek 9000 ? (Not the 9100, it is not the same device).

Please do not paste links about any dual sims solution that you can find by googling if you don't know that they REALLY work with the qtek 9000, I've already done that ;-)

I'm not interested about links for the Qtek 9100 or any other Qtek devices.

The Qtek 9000 I own is not simlocked.

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FFTAuthor Commented:

the link from Mikal613 helped to have some more infos but not the real solution, anyway I give hime the points (a bit late sorry) because information about this subject is rare.
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