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    Having Win2K server and many folders under one root folders. there are different users may be around 120 users having different rights on all these folders. now i wish have a list on excel or whatever possible way list of rights say read, write,modify & delete with respect to each user i.e which user has what rights, it is very impossible to go through each & every single folder and take down the user rights, any software utilities by which i can get this.

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You can get this information using the CACLS command.

Here is an example VBS script that will create a list of user permissions for each sub-folder in the directory that you specify. The above website also has a key that shows you what the output values mean.

'>>>>    set directory here

Directory = "C:\Program Files"

Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

If fso.FileExists(path) Then
  Set filetxt = fso.OpenTextFile("GetACL.bat", 8, True)
  Set filetxt = fso.CreateTextFile("GetACL.bat", True)
End If

Set Folders = fso.GetFolder(Directory)
Set Folder = Folders.SubFolders

For Each SubFolder in Folder
  filetxt.WriteLine("cacls " & """" & SubFolder & """")
Next"cmd /c GetACL.bat > ACL.txt")"notepad ACL.txt")
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