Secured Website..asking several times password to be entered...


I am trying to logging in, but it keeps on asking me to enter the yahoo password again and again. Even after minimizing the security setting to medium, low of the internet explorer..
I have even tried clicking on STANDARD login on, but it is not letting me in.

Actually I am trying to buy PHONE OUT from yahoo telephony by entering my credit card details.

The above is on my personal laptop as well as on my personal desktop which both system are runnings on Windows XP Professional version and have Service Pack 2 installed.

NOW, in my office, where the configuration are same onto the laptop as well desktop running under the widows network 2003, IT IS WORKING

Any comments, please post it..

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Try this: in IE, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab. Scroll down to Security. Confirm that SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are all checked.

That's worked for me in the past.
Also check your cookies are being accepted properly.  If the cookies are being loaded from a 3rd-server, it may be blocked by default as well.  I've seen this problem on some sites/computers.  There's usually a picture of a cookie along with a DO NOT ENTER icon... double click on it for info and/or force-enable it.
Tolomir - split sounds good to me.
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